The homey Boy 6lue just dropped a monster EP. 7 tracks for only $6 #SupportMTLHipHop.  Check it out here http://boy6lue.bandcamp.com/ Heres the tracklisting 

1. Hyman Roth Prod. Cali 03:09
2. Ride Out Ft. Widget Prod. Brezent 04:11
3. Show It Prod. 23indaplace 03:56
4. Death Before Dishonour Ft. G.A Prod. Dirtwork 03:54
5. Trunk Pop Prod. Top Notch Trackz 03:37
6. Venteys Ft. Pam Jackson Prod. Chris B 04:51
7. I'm a Player Prod. Cali 02:36

6lue is the real deal, anytime I'm somewhere with him, he gets asked for autographs and pictures. This video with OVER 360 000 HITS!!!! Is one of the main reasons, 360 000 hits amazing... check it out incase you've been on the moon the last year... Hometown ... Don't forget you can also vote for Main Chick on www.realcitycountdown.com

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