Wiz Khalifa had to exclusively drop the video for "It's Nothin" with 2Chainz on mtv.com so we here in Canada can't even watch it... SMART!... So we gotta deal with this semi decent rip of it on youtube for now... hopefully he drops the HD version soon on his vevo or he deserves a BIG CHHEEE PAASSS LAAA GGGG... watch the vid here... meh
About a month ago I brought up the idea on facebook about how sometimes a video, actually makes a song worse. You get hyped up for the video, then it lets you down so much that practically kills the buzz of the song for you... This is the opposite... A song I wasn't really all that crazy about... This video made the song 10x more listenable .. Off of 2Chainz album that hit #1 on Billboard in it's debut week, he drops the vid for "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West.. all I can really say is watch it
Waka drops the remix for "Rooster In My Rari" featuring 2Chainz and Gucci Mane... It is what it is ya know... If you're a fan, Waka is coming to Montreal October 16th courtesy of EscapeMTL & Rickey D .... The concert is gonna be hype that's without a doubt, super spooky and super wild... check that remix right here..