Action Bronson drops a SUPER DOPE video... This is what I like to see in HipHop.. A lil originality, creativity in videos.. Huge props to Bronsalini on this one, the song is DopeX2 as well... Watch right here...
New music featuring Action Bronson by way of Concise Kilgore ... This is pretty f'n dope actually, Bronsolini is on fire and this one follows it up... Listen here..
One of the most beloved unsigned MC's Action Bronson inked his first deal. Gotta send him and his team a big shout out on finalizing paperwork with Vice/Warner.  At first glance you might think he'll get lost in the mix at Warner, however he's got Vice on the deal and you know Vice will want to push Action. I think we have a lot of dope videos and a solid major debut album coming up... If your not familar with him download his "Blue Chips" mixtape and check out his most recent video right here... If youre in the West Coast of Canada, I believe he's got a few dates left on his Canadian Tour.. #BathSalts