Labnoise released some archive footage of the Legend Bad News Brown today, taking us back to the 2009 Stylus awards... Tonight Montreal will remember the legend BNB by the mural corner St Catherine & Clark, be sure to roll through and show some LOVE... It's been a weird last couple of years, but tonight will be good peoples sharing good storys... Reign In Power..
Back in 2003 National Film Board of Canada hooked up with our legend and Real City King Bad News Brown. For those that didn't know him personally, this really is a good chance to meet and experiance the personality of  a great human being who touched so many.  Take the time out to watch this full 25 min documentary... And if you haven't yet, because I know alot of you havent, take the time out and purchase the Bad News Brown tribute album, it's just $10 and the money helps support the BNB Foundation. Everybody wants free stuff, and there's nothing wrong with that we all do, but sometimes you have to step up and support. This is one of those situations, go to his bandcamp and purchase... RIP BNB

Enjoy the doc right here...