Apparently a lil leak off the upcoming Shady records debut from Slaughterhouse... Listen here as everybody is hyped up for this album
Slaughterhouse drops a single off the upcoming Shady debut featuring Eminem .... This is on some interesting vibes and would definately rather hear this then the track they dropped feat Cee-Lo... don't forget to download their new mixtape "On The House" which features a track I recently posted called "Truth Or Truth" which is solid as well... now check out "Throw That"
Royce drops the video for Writer's Block. I gotta say I didn't blog about it, but the Em concert at Osheaga was pretty f'n dope. He brought Royce on for two tracks including "Lighters" which the video just dropped too. Unfortunately I won't post it, cuz if I here that song one more time bllaaahhhh.... Writers block goes hard though!!