Pusha T comes through with the Kanye West produced "Pain" which features Future on the hook.. Anytime Pusha & Kanye hook up its gold... Can't for a new Pusha project, in the meantime I'll continue to figure out what Future exactly is, a rapper?, a hook man?, tpainx2?, i don't know... Listen to "Pain" right here....
Kanye West drops some brand new music co-produced by RZA and off "The Man With The Iron Fists" soundtrack, which was totally put together by RZA. With the more heartfelt Kanye flow and less on the obnoxious I'm super rich flow, very dope track... Give it a listen and download here... and take a WILD guess who the songs about..
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About a month ago I brought up the idea on facebook about how sometimes a video, actually makes a song worse. You get hyped up for the video, then it lets you down so much that practically kills the buzz of the song for you... This is the opposite... A song I wasn't really all that crazy about... This video made the song 10x more listenable .. Off of 2Chainz album that hit #1 on Billboard in it's debut week, he drops the vid for "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West.. all I can really say is watch it
I figured this would be an approriate picture considering the title of this song. Didn't feel Ham at all, Otis is a banger.... This one I'll let you decide for youself... listen here...