Lupe drops some visuals for "Bad B!tch" ... Yall gotta take in the words in this song if you haven't already, like I've previously mentioned when I dropped "Lamborghini Angels" it's amazing to watch Lupe grow as an artist these days.... Watch this and pay attention!
Lupe drops ANOTHER banger... Watching Lupe grow as an artist is an amazing thing right now, he's dropping timeless music left and right and this follows it up perfectly... Produced by Mr Inkredible to be featured on Food & Liqour 2 which drops September 25th on Atlantic... Can't wait for Lupe to drop some visuals on this, great story telling and flow, shout out to Lupe and Thank You!!
One of the solid tracks off of Lupe's latest project. Movies that actually raised a generation, Lupe breaks it all own in this track and they put the visuals to match it perfectly. Enjoy and download the Jesus mixtape ASAP... Watch now
Big new joint ... crazy random combo too... Lupe, Big Boi & Wiz for the win... Is it me or are certain rappers trying to sound like Wiz these days?? Enjoy the track pretty dope