Black mamba has been rolling through China the last couple days on a promo run, he took part in a charity game which featured Chinease pop stars and celebritys which was broken into two 15 minute halfs. Kobe sat out the first half, played the last 15 minutes and scored 68 pts!!!!! Like I've said the NBA season could not start any sooner... Check some highlights here..
It's FINALLY happened... The trade so many people were telling me wouldn't... David Stern blocked Chris Paul from coming over last year.... That actually was a GOOD idea cuz now the Lakers have Steve Nash at PG and Dwight Howard at PF!!! Gasol stays with the team, World Peace around for another year, Antwan Jamison off the bench and of course the Black Mamba himself... I like, I like... The NBA season could not start any sooner... When the Lakers got Karl Malone and Gary Payton about a decade ago, I was happy, but not ecstatic as I grew up a Karl Malone hater and never like the Sonics really.... But Howard as Superman is AMAZING and obviously like any Canadian I'm a huge Steve Nash fan... Lets get this thing started #Lakers
According to USAToday the Lakers have some new partners in the dance for Dwight Howard, the Rockets are out and the 76ers and Nuggets are in. The Lakers would end up with Howard and forward Al Harrington. With Steve Nash already on the team... Can we start the season already, the Lakers will be a CONTENDER this season 100
Now I was hoping that Dwight Howard would be moving.... Hoping he would move to the 90210... Apparently it might be awhole different continent... The NFL lockout might be resolved today, however the NBA lockout looks nowhere close . We already saw the New Jersey Nets prized mid-season acquisition, Deron Williams sign in Europe. Now Howard might go to Europe or China.... C'mon , owners, stop being such greedy bastards, take care of your players like human beings and not race horses and get this solved... Read the full article here
Lol this is jokes.... What NBA Players are doing during lockout.... From the ESPY'S