The NHL's 2012 Bill Masterson's award winner Max Pacioretty has just inked a 6 year contract extension with the Montreal Canadiens. All I can say is WOW, Marc Bergevin is really stepping up to the plate locking in our core players... Price & MaxPac are signed for the next 6 years each, while Josh Gorges one of our warriors on defence signed a long term externsion earlier on in the season. With MaxPac scoring just 2 fewer goals then Erik Cole last year and inking at 4.5 mill a year, I really hope this now finally sets the stage for the signing of our marketing machine PK Subban. I know PK will resign with the Habs, just the fact that were now signing players to extensions before actually signing a Subban contract.... Meh... It will get done though... Bergevin is really earning some stripes so far this offseason... The NHL & NBA seasons could not start any sooner!!!! #GoHabsGo... Heres some MaxPac highlights for you...
There you have it... The Winnipeg  Jets just released their new logos.... Meh not too bad... I hope they wear the old school one as a 3rd Jersey... No matter its #Habs all day everyday anyways