New club music from the Barbie herself Nikki Minaj ... Simple to the point and is gonna get her spins on the radio and in the club... Off the upcoming Roman Reloaded...
Nicki drops the visuals to "I Am Your Leader" featuring Camron and Rick Ross ... The background is trippy... My only complain is... I would much rather have Nicki topless in the video then Rick Ross... CMON NOW!!! Enough is enough.... Watch it here..
2Chaaiinnnzzzzz drops some visuals feat Nicki Minaj setting up for his release tommorow of "Based On A T.R.U. Story" , well see how those numbers... Personally 2Chainz isn't one of my favourite rappers, he does the job I guess when youre a lil spooky... it sounds like he was really spooky when he made this... I don't care what anybody says, Nicki Minaj in your video is definately AGL... watch here..