Today is the annual Habs Golf Tourney and some interesting info came out of the pre-golf interviews

     Alex Galchenyuk will play Center!!!      

     The Habs will name a captain to start the season!

To start, I’m happy to hear Gally will get the start at center. It’s time to show & prove what he can do at his drafted position, this also means that they fully intend to move forward with him as a big piece of the team. During the summer I thought the idea of trading Gally was feasible, he was our most valuable trade chip, however I would obviously prefer for him to continue his career with the Habs.

Naming a captain is also a huge step forward for the team as awhole, the most storied franchise in the NHL needs a captain without a doubt. The obvious bet is MaxPac. Now the choice from a marketing level is 100% without a doubt PK, I don’t see any of the players having a problem with it either. He along with Carey have clearly become the faces of the franchise and it only makes sense for PK to wear the C in my opinion. Obviously there will be a lot of politics involved, which leads me to believe Max will get the C. Stand up guy, father of two, and really  plays with his heart for the team, never says the wrong thing etc etc

It’s going to be a exciting couple of weeks leading up to the season opener!


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