It finally happened... What 75% of the city was waiting for. Jacques Martin was fired as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. I can't front, I was defending Jacques the last little while. However as most of you that know me , know I've been WAITING for years for the debut of Alexei Emelin. It finally happened, unfortunately Jacques was not as excited as me, not letting the rookie play out his mistakes and only letting him get physical lately.

On top of that, the whole city was in uproar regarding how Cole was being used to start the year. No PP minutes at all to start the year until the press conference fiasco we all enjoyed, where a young Tsn990 reporter called him out. The up and down usage of Eller and MaxPac have also been terrible coaching, the OVER usage of Weber was unacceptable as well.

I really hope Randy will let Emelin , Eller, Maxpac and Subban be the stars they were meant to be. At the same time letting Cole, Cammer & AKosti aka Kush be the offensive stars they already are. I'm hoping Randy won't plant all 5 Habs in front of Price screening him which has resulted in a shit load of goals against. He's an ELITE goalie, he doesnt need a 5 player wall in front of him, only Hal Gill lying down :)

It became evident to me a couple of games ago that the players had given up on Martin, I'll never forget Cammers shoot out attempt just a couple of games ago. I think Randy is more of a players coach and will help kill some of the tension that has obviously been in the locker room lately. He helped develop MaxPac into the player he is today, so I can't wait to see what he does with Emelin, Eller & Subban.

Here's to what feels like a brand new season!!! #GoHABSGo

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