First let's start off by making it clear.... NOTHING was Mac Miller's fault last night, some real f**k boy s**t went down...

Another janky mtl promoter move went down last night. The much anticipated Mac Miller concert went down at Telus Theater. Just literally a couple of months back Mac performed at the Belmont to a packed house and good vibes... Last night WOW... I walked up2 the event around 8:30pm and saw a BIG ASS line up from from Telus to the old medley location... Good vibes were in the air for now... Got into the event and it was packed sold out Telus Theater crowd MONEY was in the air... Unfortunately for all the opening acts all the crowd cared about was Mac Miller and multiple acts heard some boo's one act even got "nananana hey hey hey goodbye" 'd . Shout outs to Reema Major who held it down despite the hostile crowd.

Now the opening acts are done? What next? Nothing..... Crowd is getting really hostile now booo's screams of Mac Miller. I make my way around the venue inside and out trying to find out the 411. Mac Miller didn't get paid the rest of the money... Here we go again, New Boyz, XZibit, Ginuwine... Deja Vu. Then it's confirmed when somebody showed me Mac Miller's twitter..... Luckily I have for the hostile crowd (I Honestly thought I was going to witness a riot) Mac Miller decided to perform for the crowd anyways.  He hit the stage at around 1:30 and the crowd was jumping up and down... Huge shoutout to Mac he didn't have to perform, probably shouldn't of, but did it for the love of his fans.

We've all said it before... But now it seems pretty official, if a show does not have the stamp of EscapeMTL , Good Friday Entertainment , SofaKing Raw (And even Reason ENT on the come up) or evenko don't mess with it... It's sad but I guess some people just get too greedy when they have all that money in they hands... There was absolutely no excuse for Mac not to be paid the rest of the money, as any intelligent human being could see money was being pumped into the venue by fans.

Let's move on... Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz from a promoter you can trust next wednesday at foufs... See you there

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