As I start posting on the blog again.... It's been just over a month since the city lost one of it's groundbreakers, non stop promoters of the scene , and just an amazing human to have crossed paths with period. Matthew Dutch Garner a friend, mentor, supporter and partner of mine passed away in a tragic event this pass November. I can't lie, there's been a huge void in everything I do right now. He was always the guy who I asked a second opinion from, always the first I would hit up with any good news I got.

On that day 11/11/11 I actually recieved some of the best news I've ever recieved that will definately help the scene in general. He was the first person I hit up to tell and he was amazed. I still look at that last BBM message 3:59PM "Amazing" were his last words to me.

Since that day I've gone through pretty much every emotion you can think of, from saying F everything I'm done, to knowing that I can't stop because he would be crushed and dissapointed.

I send my heartfelt condolences to the whole Garner family, his close friends and comrades. He will forever be missed and no one can ever fill his shoes, everybody who he supported and supported him must come together in 2012 for him, for Paul and for everybody else we've lost. Dutch was so  crucial in connecting so many people from different parts of the city, we must keep it rolling for him and Paul in their honour. It will never seem real, but the dream and vision that both of them had for the city is.  Rest in Power, we love you fam.

Please watch and share this video that Dirtwork put together. A song that I had never heard before from Classified will now forever be an anthem for Dutch , see you in paradise and I'll have all kinds of jokes for you when I see you.

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